How to Write an Interesting UC Application Essay

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Writing UC Application Essay

An UC application essay is a letter from yourself. Theintroductory essay should reveal your thinking, analysis, andargumentation skills in relation to the main idea. Therefore, theapproach to writing essays differs in many respects from writinga motivational letter, although there are a lot of similarities.

Theme of an Essay

The theme can be predetermined by the university (for example, isbrainstorming an effective method of solving problems today?).You can also specify a specific area of the subject, to which thetopic of the essay should be directly related (which school ofmanagement has the strongest potential in your opinion?). Thethird option is you yourself choose the main topic for the givensubject at your discretion. With an independent choice of thetheme, remember that it is important to choose the one, with thehelp of which you can most logically explain your position.

Errors when choosing a topic include the following:

  • A truer truth. What would you think, after reading 6 pages ofargumentation of the thesis “a man descended from a monkey?” Ofcourse, if you found revolutionary proofs of the theory ofevolution, this is fine, but this is no longer an essay.
  • Too controversial issue. Do not touch topics that are hard todiscuss – religion, politics, personal preferences, etc. Thepoint is not to show your indifference, but that your opinion cango against the opinion of a member of the commission. Even ifsuch questions are genuinely interesting to you, postpone it forfuture research, the opening essay is not the best place forthem.

Read the Requirements

If the requirements are not sated on the website of the program,sign in online in the application sending system of a college andtry to find the required info there. Consider the number of wordsor printed characters you need to apply as well as the issuesthat you should disclose in your paper. Check how many essaysyour university requires of you: most first-level and masterprograms will require only one UC application essay from you, butthere are exceptions.

Structure of the Essay

As a rule, the structure includes four main parts:

  1. Entry
  2. Thesis
  3. Argumentation
  4. Conclusion

In fact, the thesis is the main idea of the work, so you can havea thesis even after the argumentation, but in this case, it willalready enter into the conclusion. If you already have an opinionon the question, start with the thesis, and then give thearguments. The main thing is the consistency and logicality ofthe text. If you use excerpts of other people’s works or quotesfrom books, you can write it in footnotes. Break the text intoparagraphs according to the course of thought – the argumentshould be divided into several parts.


Your first task when writing any interesting text is to create ahook, i.e. a proposal that will awaken the reader’s interest andis directly related to the main topic. Be original, but do notoverdo it. Try to find something that characterizes your thesisor the problem posed most accurately, for example, the opinion ofa well-known expert in this field, or, at first glance, anunremarkable fact that suits your thesis as well as possible. Itis not necessary to start work with it, you can find your hookduring the writing of the main part, but in the final version ofthe text, its use in the entry is highly desirable.

Further develop the idea to gradually come to the main part ofthe work from the hook. In a few words, describe the problemposed, but do add any unnecessary details – write only whatdirectly affects your thesis.

Basic mistakes in the entry include:

  • Cliché. Most of the applicants use shocking facts from thepress, the rules of life of famous people, or rather flat jokes –the different phrases of Steve Jobs have certainly plastered theeyes of the admissions committee, and they are unlikely to payattention to another such entry.
  • Dryness. Remember, your task is to draw and keep attentionthroughout the text, and if the dry statement of facts beginsalready in the entry, even with the hook, the attention of thereader will fade away before the main part of the essay.
  • Inconsistency. Trace a clear connection of thoughts andfacts, which connects the main theme, the entry, and subsequentparagraphs. Do not pile up excess information, structure the textas clearly as possible.

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After choosing the topic, the first thing to do is start with theformation of the thesis. Thesis is not a certain proven fact andnot the result of observations. It is also not an argumentation,not a complex of cause-effect relationships, and not adescription of a certain phenomenon – all this will be further.The thesis is the main idea of your UC application essay, themain essence of which lies in several statements. Imagine asituation: you sit with an essay in your hands right in front ofa commission member, and he, without reading your work, asks you:“What is the main idea of this work?” So, the thesis is those fewproposals that can answer this question without unnecessaryclarifications and amendments. The presence of the thesis in thetext not only helps the reader understand the basic idea of thework, but also helps see how much you understand this idea, andhow much the rest of the text is consistent with it.

Keep in mind that, as a rule, the given topic of the essay isusually controversial and does not involve an unambiguous answer,which is why your task is not to seek an objective solution,which, most likely, simply does not exist, but the formulationand argumentation of your point of view.

The main mistakes in stating the thesis are the following:

  • Interrogative form. The main goal of the thesis is to expressyour opinion. If you approach the question too philosophicallyand do not occupy a certain position, your essay will lose thevery meaning of the argumentation and turn into abstractreflections that have not found the answer. Be sure, but not tooradical.
  • Too long. Remember, an important criterion is the observanceof the basic canons. Thesis by definition is a capacious, but nota long statement. Distinguish the conclusion from the argumentsand do not form the thesis on the whole sheet.
  • Uncertainty. Do not use the thesis for further polemic – thereader should easily trace the chain of your thought and its end.The uncertainty of the thesis raises only additional questionsand gives the impression that you simply decided not to bringyour thoughts to the end.


At this stage it is necessary to describe the reasons thatdetermined the thesis. Devote each of them to a small paragraphand watch for the completeness of each, play on their contrasts –try to ensure that each next paragraph is different from theprevious one without violating the logical chain. The maincriteria that must be observed in the argumentation are subject,sequence, chronology, and contrast. These principles are thebasis for the main part. Remember that the thesis can be cited atthe end of the work, do not turn a blind eye to their sequence.

Basic errors in argumentation include:

Reiteration. Do not develop the same idea in two paragraphs, thiscontradicts their isolation. A new paragraph is a new argument.

Extra information. Make sure that all the sentences are directlyrelated to the main topic. Even if you have an irresistibledesire to write an incredibly interesting fact, re-read itseveral times and think – is it better to use it as a hook?

Inconsistency. If in the next paragraph you use a link withanother reason – make sure that this reason was described above.Do not confuse the logical connection, running ahead.


In the last part of the UC application essay, you need toconcisely finish your idea. Summarize the argument, brieflyrepeat the thesis, if it was at the beginning of the work. Givethe thesis if you decide to arrange it after the arguments.

Major errors in the conclusion include:

  • New arguments. The conclusion is inherently not aninformative, but the summary part. Do not add new causes at theend, it’s better to add one more paragraph.
  • Reiteration. It is not necessary to describe the structure ofthe written work and literally repeat what was written above – ifthe reader has reached the conclusion, he has already read it.
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Carefully Show Your Personality

Each student at the expense of his essay seeks to stand out fromhundreds of other entrants. You can do this by showing yourindividuality as much as possible. However, do not overdo it – donot add pictures, photos, videos, and graphics to the essay, ifthis is not required. Do not try to joke or come up with anoriginal format, all this may be inappropriate. A much betterrecommendation can be given to you by a structured, competentessay containing important information and written in the rightstyle.